Grandma’s Cookie Jar

Gramma Cookie Jar

In my case, there won’t be oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip cookies in the cookie jar, as least not for a few more years, but for now, there will be doggie treats for my Doggie Grandson, Wiggles!

10 thoughts on “Grandma’s Cookie Jar

  1. I was wondering if you made it or did you have it made. I would be interested in purchasing one since my wife and I found out we were pregnant and get as a gift for my in laws

    • Congratulations! I saw this somewhere on the web and thought it was really cute. It would be possible to make this yourself. You can buy paints at Michaels and other craft stores that you bake in the oven to cure them so they are washable. To make the handprint, you might have to borrow someone’s child, unless you want to wait until your little one is born and use their hand.

  2. Where did you find a jar similar to this? I live in northern ky and can’t find anything to resemble a cookie jar that I could put my sons hand print on it. Thanks!

    • I googled white ceramic cookie jar images and found several that would work. Lowest price I found was around $12, up to about $50 for a Lenox cookie jar. had a few, too.

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    • Karla, I didn’t ever make this. I saw the idea and thought it was one I wanted to save. I do know that you can buy paints at the craft store that you bake in the oven and then they are hand washable. I think if you asked in the paint department at Michael’s they could help you find the right paint.

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